Friday, January 4, 2013

Be Different

I hope anyone who reads this, knows by now how much I completely adore my family.

I love my children beyond words.

I treasure my parents and in-laws.

And my siblings.....


we are connected in ways that are hard for me to explain.

I don't just love them.
And I don't just adore them.

But, I actually really like them.

Simply put, I think they are some of the coolest people that walk this planet.

And I beg for anyone to challenge me. will lose.

They are also some of the strangest and most wonderfully unique people that walk this planet.
And they aren't afraid to be so.

I think that's why I think they are so very awesome.

We have our own private family website, which I LOVE.
And every once in a while, something is posted that is entirely too tempting not to share.

And that leads me to this beauty.


Oh Britney.
Oh.....your freakishly weird eyeballs.


Let me tell you why I love this picture so much.
It's also why I love Britney so much.

We live in a world where there is constant pressure to 'measure up', to 'fit the mold', to act a certain way, to look a certain way, etc.

But in that same world are people who aren't afraid to be different. 
They have courage to stand on their own.
To be themselves.

They seem to have a magical blend of conforming when required, while remaining true to who they really are.

I believe that takes courage.
It takes confidence.
It takes a willingness to be different, to laugh at yourself and to let others see you in that light as well.
But most importantly it takes someone who knows who they are.

And that is Britney.

She will argue that with me, but I will win that argument too!

And she's not the only sibling I have who is like that.
She just happens to be the one who posted that photo!

(I love you Britney. Really. I do.)

The best thing about people like Britney, is that when they are willing to be themselves,
it gives the people around them the same courage.

We all need a Britney.

Britney, you embrace your "you"ness beautifully.

And it keeps me laughing.

Thank you for that!


Britney said...

One day I will forgive you, but that day might not be today. :)

Everybody needs a good why not? :)

Veronica said...

hee...hee...hee. Oh, YOU'LL forgive me. :)

Mom said...

Okay, this totally made me howl with laughter!! I do love me some Britney. This is almost as good as where in the world is Britney. That t-shirt is pretty darned funny, but the story that goes with it is even more funny. Thanks for sharing this on here, the world deserves some Britney, too.

Britney, my sweet daughter, there is nobody else just like you and that is too bad. The world could use a whole bunch of wonderfully creative, funny, caring, unique, bright, clever, and did I mention funny. hahaha And while we are on the subject of being funny, clever, unique, caring, etc. Veronica, you are right there beside her. Love you my sweet daughters.

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