Friday, January 18, 2013

A Stretchy Heart

This has been a rough week.

Lucy Lu-Lu has been sick,
and when she gets sick.....she REALLY gets sick.

When she's down and out, I realize very quickly how much I miss
the fun and laughter she brings into every day.

And it makes me so sad.

Even when she's sick though, she teaches me and makes me a better person.

We had the following conversation:

"Mom, I love you so much."
"Oh, Lucy, I love you too!"

Lucy: "I love all the persons in this whole wide world."
Me: "I do too!"
Lucy: "Of course you do!"

A minute went by and I asked, 
"Lucy, how do you have room in your heart for everyone in the whole wide world."

And then my sweet and wise Lucy Lu-Lu taught her mom.

She looked at me like she was surprised I didn't already know the answer.
Then in her sick, but suddenly strong voice, she said, 

"MOM. Our hearts are STRETCHY. So we have room for EVERYONE!" 

Oh, how I love the beauty and simple wisdom of children.

Oh, how I love my Lucy.

And I love her amazing stretchy heart.


Mom said...

Oh, that totally made me cry, what a wise young woman. This is so sweet. Thanks for sharing. She looks so awful. Poor little girl.

Britney said...

Stretchy heart....I must make sure I have one.

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