Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I See You!

Today, I had a "mom" moment that was very disappointing at first, 
but after my "Ah-hahhh" moment, it will always be a cherished memory.

It started this morning.

I was in my room, saying my morning prayers.
Lucy Lu-Lu was up, and was quietly watching cartoons, so I thought it would be a good time.

Well, in the middle of my prayer, I hear her little footsteps running around the living room, followed by, "Mom?".
I listened as her footsteps went from room to room looking for me. 
I could hear her opening the doors, one by one.
All, while saying, "Mom?"

Then she came to my room.
She opened the door, saw me praying and quietly went back out and shut the door.

Well, the day continued.
We remained busy running errands.
As we were running errands, Lucy Lu-Lu kept jabbering away.
(She really does jabber.)
I was on the phone. Then had another call.
And Lucy just kept trying to get me involved with her jabber.

After we got home, I sat down at the computer to take care of something,
And once again, Lucy Lu-Lu came over, climbed up behind me on my chair and tried very hard to get me involved with her jabber.

Finally, Lucy (who was still standing behind me), leaned over in front of me, grabbed my cheeks and aggressively turned my face to meet hers, and she said, 

"MOM! Do you SEE me?"

And I mumbled "yes" and tried to move my head back towards the REALLY super-duper important stuff on my computer.

But, she held on tight and again said, 

"MOM! Do you SEEEE me?"

And then I stopped.

I realized at that moment, that NO.....I didn't see her.
And I hadn't REALLY seen her all morning.

It hit me like a ton of bricks.

I immediately stopped what I was doing,
grabbed my little Lucy Lu-Lu and sat down on the floor with her.
We talked, I tickled, I listened, we laughed and I enjoyed a priceless moment with my daughter.

I had allowed myself to get so caught up in other things, 
that I really hadn't 'seen' my daughter.

And it makes me sad.

Today, I've decided to make the time to REALLY "see" my kids.
It doesn't matter how old they are.
I want to enjoy them, talk to them, and make sure I give them part of ME!

So, Lucy Lu-Lu.....

YES! I see you!
And I love you for helping me to be a better mom today. 


Britney said...

Such a great reminder

Ninzel said...

Adorable :) What a great message to share with all of us. Miss and love you "Roni" girl!

Mom said...

This is so precious, thank you for sharing this with the rest of us. It is so easy to become distracted by things, even good things which prevent us from doing those things which matter the most. Give little Lucy Lu Lu a great big hug and take her take the two of you to Sonic for a treat. You can pretend I am there with you.

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