Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy End of December!

Well, it's the end of 2012!

And this mom and dad of many SURVIVED!!


We have had quite the month. 
I was so determined to keep blogging, but early one morning I had a thought...
I could spend all my time blogging about my Christmas with my kids, or I could get off the computer and dive in and enjoy it.

So, the blogging went on the back burner.

But, we had a wonderful month.

I've shared some of our favorite traditions, and I'll finish the year off with a few of my favorite moments since I've signed off.

We have decorated...
(Big Daddy hangs the Christmas balls every year. It's one of my favorite things.)

We've seen Santa and cheered on the local Christmas parade.

Noah was our favorite part of the parade.

 We've made our gingerbread houses.
When you have teenage boys in your home, the gingerbread houses take on a life of their own.
They literally took HOURS.

The one on the bottom was.....well.....
the most interesting one of the year.
Thank you Israel, for keeping it interesting.

We've been visited by a naughty elf.....
and we've seen lots of pretty lights.

We've spent time with friends.
(hee hee hee)

We've played games and eaten way too much.

 We left fruit for Santa.
Luke decided he would want something healthy by the time he got to Tennessee.
And then we ate some more.
(HAHAHA! Oh, Big are one funny man.)

We had battles.
And then we had some more.

We even had the flu, strep and the nasty little stomach bug.

As I sit and type this and look back over all these photos, it's fun to see what a wonderful month we've had.

We are grateful to be a family and are grateful for a time of year to spend time with each other.

We are grateful for 2012.
It has brought us much joy, some struggles, great opportunities for growth and learning,
and has been a year full of memories that will be cherished.

Thank you to our friends and family, for being involved in our lives.
We love you and hope for much joy for you all.

Bring it on 2013!
The Crazy Blaylock's are READY!


Mom said...

Oh,thank you for the fun pictures and update. How I wish we could have been there enjoying all of the festivities, but now the crud!! We had enough of that without the addition of the throwing up stuff. YUK!!

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