Friday, February 8, 2013

A Happy Heart: Big Daddy Time

I think it's safe to say that anyone who knows me, knows how much I love Big Daddy.

He is my whole world.

And he makes me incredibly happy.

Don't get me wrong, there are times I want to poke him in the eye.
I don't want to cause permanent damage.....
just a little pain.

hee hee hee.

Oh, come on!
You wives know what I'm talking about!
Let's keep it REAL.


When you have kids, you HAVE to make time for each other.

My favorite time of day with Big Daddy is at night.

We have our little routine that I love and it's something that I look forward to every night.
It's nothing exciting, but it's ours.

After kids are in bed, we get comfy.
This consists of Big Daddy putting on his "meggings" as he calls them, his white long john shirt and his orange Tennessee hat.

I, of course, look glamorous in my combination of yoga pants and Big Daddy's sweatshirt.


Then, if I wasn't beautiful enough, I grab my makeup remover and go to work.
I love that Big Daddy tolerates my raccoon eyes, but also love him for the fact that he still thinks I'm beautiful when the makeup is gone.

Then we watch tv.
Just like everyone else.
We have our favorite shows.
We have our favorite treats we sometimes eat.

We push pause on the dvr and talk.

And I love it.

I love my time with him at night.
I love touching base and reconnecting.
I love watching the stress of his day melt away.
I love that he is interested in my day and that he asks a million questions.
I love that he cares.

And then, at the end of our talks, it always ends like this.


I've realized that I love so many details of this routine with Big Daddy.

I love watching him fall asleep. 

I love how peaceful he looks.

I love that his arm always goes up and behind his head.

I laugh when he's going into that deep sleep and 
his whole body jerks....
and then he opens his eyes in a dazed look - trying to figure out what just happened.
And then he's out again.

I love when he sits and giggles in his sleep.

And I love the conversations he has with someone in dreamland.

I love my time with him.

Today, he makes my heart happy.


Crystal Bergman said...

I love it! I feel the same about mine. It is so funny watching him fall asleep will listening to the scriptures on his phone. His phone bobbing in the air with those body jerks, lol.

Veronica said...

I love that Crystal. It paints a very sweet picture.

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