Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Happy Heart: Ordinary Moments

Today, my heart is very full and happy 
when I think about the life I have.

And I am thankful for all the ordinary moments that make 
it such an amazing life.

This morning, I had one of those moments.

I sat there today and listened to four little ones giggling as they were watching Saturday morning cartoons. 
I realized that at that moment, something that is so ordinary in our home, seemed EXTRAORDINARY. 

I sat and listened to them talk and laugh. 
I looked at their sleepy little faces. 
I saw them snuggled up together under cozy little blankets.

And I found myself feeling very grateful for that ordinary moment.

Then later, I was cleaning through some photos and realized how many made me think of "ordinary moments" in our home.

I loved thinking about those moments.

These truly are the moments when you realize how EXTRAORDINARY your life is.

I'm grateful for the reminder of today.
I'm grateful to remember so many of those moments.
And I'm grateful for a life full of such moments.

So, if you think your life is ordinary,
take a minute and think of your own "moments".

I promise that we all have them.

And when we can find joy in them, 
life really is



Britney said...

Love that. So true.

Mom said...

See, you inspired me again. I love this blog. If I am ever feeling a little or a lot down, all I need to do is get on here. Instant gratitude fills my heart and love tops it with whipped cream.

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