Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gratitude and Kindness: Lucy Lu-Lu's Kind Heart

Yesterday I had one of those "I'm so proud to be your mom" moments.

I've been talking to our kids a lot about kindness lately. 
I spend most of my time with Lucy Lu-Lu right now, and I cherish that.

Well, this morning I was talking to Lucy Lu-Lu about different ways we can be kind.
She had some interesting ideas of her own.

"I know Mom! I can not chew on Luke's Star Wars toy."

uhhhh....."Yes, Lucy. That would be kind to not do that."

Then came this gem.....

"Mom, I could give Aunt Boo Boo's magical powers back. 
She misses them."
uhhhh....."What magical powers Lucy?"
"You know.....her doctor powers. She flies babies up to the moon, and then she brings them back down. Then she takes them to the store so the mom's can go pick their babies."

"She misses her magic. That would be kind. Right?!?!"

"Yes sweetheart. She would probably really love her magical doctor powers back. That's very kind."

Later we went to the store.
My kids ALWAYS ask for a quarter for the candy machines.
And EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE, I'm a nice mom and I give them one.

So, Lucy Lu-Lu did her thang, and asked for her quarter.
I then asked her if she thought it would be kind to leave her quarter for some other child to use.

I was prepared for a little reminding chit chat on 
why we need to be kind.

Then she surprised me.

My sweet little Lucy Lu-Lu got a very excited look on her face, her eyes lit up and she said, 
"OH MOM!! That is SOOOO KIND!!"
She had a look on her face like I was the greatest thing on earth for coming up with such a brilliant idea! Then she hugged my leg. 

I teared up.
I was so proud of this sweet little girl.
She didn't need a reminder about kindness.
Because it's already part of who she is.

We then went to the car, found some index cards, 
and wrote a quick note.

Then Lucy Lu-Lu got very serious about her act of kindness.

Not once did Lucy Lu-Lu ask for a treat out of those machines.

My sweet daughter is who I am grateful for today.
And I'm grateful to share my life with 8 other amazing kids who teach me by their example on a regular basis. 
I truly am better because of them.


Sister Franson said...

I love this! Lucy Lu-Lu just gave me some great reminders on how I can be kind! She is such a good example. Good thing she has an awesome mother to help teach her!

Rebecca said...

So sweet! Love that girl!

Mom said...

Oh, my goodness, that is so precious!!! Great job mom, you rock as a teacher!! And a child shall lead the way.

Natalie said...

So sweet!

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