Monday, February 27, 2012

I Love...Gummy Bear Competition

Today I Love Gummy Bears!

With this many kids, sometimes you have to get creative.
With everyone involved in different things, you don't have the luxury to do big, time-consuming activities all the time. So, sometimes we come up with quick little things to have fun as a family.

My kids love competitions.

ANY kind of competition.

And Big Daddy is right there with them.

It really is one of our favorite things.

The other night, right before bed, I gave them all a plastic cup and had them stand together.
Then I started tossing gummy bears.

And the competition began.

Arms were flailing, gummy bears were flying and kids were laughing.

It doesn't take much to have fun with these guys.

And today, I love that!

I love that something as simple as gummy bears 
can bring so much joy into our home.


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