Sunday, February 12, 2012

Simply Sunday: I Love...Small Things

I Love The Small Things
Life really is about the small things. 

It's the smile that says "I'm happy to see you".

It's the child who washes my dirty dish.....just because.

It's the husband who helps catch up the laundry.

It's the friend who writes a loving note.

It's the example of someone who is bravely enduring their challenges.

It's the child who tells the truth.....because in their mind there is no other option.

It's the phone call from a beloved sister.

Lots of small things.
But none of them seem small to me.
And they are all done with great love.

I've been trying to do small things this month. I will never be one of those who always does big, fancy elaborate things. Most of the things I do are small, and sometimes I feel like they may be somewhat insignificant. 

But, I'm reminded that the small things sometimes matter the most.

And it makes me feel better about the small things that I CAN do.
Because they are done with so much love.

Here are some things I've done this week. 
And you'll see right away that it's nothing impressive or grand. 

But, the point is that I did them.
And I know they make a difference.

I wrote things I loved about everyone and stuck them up!

And some just for Big Daddy.

Nothing impressive.
No homemade paper made from scraps of wood in my backyard, no fancy ribbon that I knitted from Zoe kitty's hair.

Just plain paper and a pen.
Simple. Small.
And important.

The grandness of what we do isn't the most important thing.
It's the fact that we do SOMETHING that lets the people in our lives know that we love them. 

Sometimes the smallest things show it the best!


Stephanie said...

I agree wholeheartedly!

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