Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Happy Family

Recently, I had the blessing of spending time with my family. 

I have always loved my family, but it wasn't until I moved far away from my family that I realized how much.
Being in a family of grown siblings is a funny thing.
I grew up in a home with nine siblings and loved the life I shared with them.
But, when everyone grows up and moves on with life, I've realized that it takes a lot of work to stay close.

We are spread around the country, but in our own ways, we made decisions early on to remain close.
And I'm so very grateful for that.

We've all grown up, we all have been shaped by different experiences in our lives and yet we all still share a common thread.


And we always will be.

The more time that goes by, I feel like our family just keeps getting better.
And I love that.

I love my siblings. 
I love who they have become.
I really do love that they've chosen to marry some really awesome people.
There are no "in-laws"...they are my FAMILY.
And I'm grateful for those brave souls who made a decision to join our crazy bunch.
I also love each of my sweet nieces and nephews.

They are all growing up as well and are becoming great people. 
And so the circle keeps growing.


I love the saying, 
"A happy family is but an earlier heaven."
Do I believe that?


I have enjoyed a small glimpse of what heaven will be.

So, thank you to my awesome family.
Life truly is richer because of you.


Mom said...

I am so sad that Jenny and Michael weren't able to be there with us. We missed them terribly. But, it was a little bit of Heaven being together with those who were able to make it to Ashley and Daniel's wedding. Life in a large family is chaotic, weird, fun, challenging, interesting, and NEVER boring. I am humbled to be the mother of this large, crazy bunch of people. They are my friends, support, entertainment, and my joy. Thank you, Veronica for posting these fun pictures. Love you, Mom

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