Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dancing in the Rain

Recently I've had some scary medical issues that were going on. And for a time, it consumed me. All I could do was look at my kids and wonder what would become of them if I wasn't here to take care of them. My mind went crazy.

Then one day, we had a hard rainstorm come out of the blue. I was sitting on my couch, when Lucy went RUNNING out the back door with an excited screech that sounded something like, "I'm gonnnnaa pllaayyy in the rraaaaaaainnnnn!"

She ran out to the trampoline and started bouncing, dancing and singing.

As I watched her for a few moments, my mind went back to the fears that I was struggling with. Then I noticed something. The longer I watched Lucy, the more peaceful I felt. I loved watching her find joy in this little rainstorm. I started thinking about my own life then. I was facing a potentially scary storm, but here my little Lucy was teaching me to find the best in it.

I loved her so much in that moment.

It has been a good reminder to not let my trials and challenges get the best of me. I believe that even during out hardest times, we can find joy. We can dance in the rain.

Thank you Lucy LuLu!


Britany said...

Love yer guts! Love this picture of your Lucy! Love this post! I hope you are doing better and that the health issues are resolved. :) thinking about you.

Stephenie Cossairt said...

Well stated. Hope all is well and keep dancing in the rain!

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