Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Hidden Birthday Cupcake

The Hidden Birthday Cupcake

Well, birthday joy is in the air!

I love birthdays. Mainly because I love any reason to
make these kiddos feel special.

When I know someone's birthday is coming, I look online and see these INCREDIBLE parties, decorations, handmade gifts that take 2 years to make, etc.

I always have my own grand plans.

Sometimes it works out.....
and sometimes it doesn't go quite the way I plan.

But, I always want to have fun little things that they can count on.
And fun little things that I CAN DO, no matter what.

That's why I love the Birthday Cupcake.

It's simple.
It's inexpensive.
And it takes very little time.

The night before their birthday, I tuck a sweet little treat inside
 and hide the Birthday Cupcake.
In the morning, the hunt is on.
When they find it, the birthday fun begins!

It's just a cute little ceramic cupcake that I found at Hobby Lobby.
I don't know if it's supposed to be a cookie jar or what.
But, it works for me.

It's a fairly new tradition, but it has quickly become one that I love.

Charity found it way too fast this year.
So next year the hiding is going to be much harder!



Stephanie said...

That's such a cute idea! And for such a cute girl! Happy Birthday Charity!

mallorie said...

Oh my goodness I love this!!!! Such a fun idea. :)

Britney said...

I love that!!!! I need to do something like that! My kids would love it!!! I'm off to look for a birthday cupcake! Love it! I'm going to pin it!

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