Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mother is Always My Dreams.


I had two conversations with Lucy LuLu in the past two days.

"Oh, MOM! It's California! I LOOVVEE California" we were driving to a friends house.
"It's not California Lucy, it's Portland."
About 10 minutes later..."Mom, YOU are wrong. It's California. 
I just know it."

Admitting defeat and wanting to avoid an argument.....
"OK Lucy. If you say so."
"Thanks Mom. I knew I was right."

This morning.....

After Lucy smacked her arm on my desk.....

"Did you hit your funny bone Lucy?"
A look of heartbreaking sadness mixed with dismay.....
"MOM! It's not funny!! And it makes me sad you said that!!"

"Lucy, sometimes we call that our funny bone."

Said loudly, with even greater dismay - and with big tears.....

You win Lucy LuLu.
Mommy isn't always right.


Mom said...

hahahaha, poor little thing. lolololol I do love this little sweetheart. It is just not fair that you live so far away. I am missing out of sooo much!! I hate it. Please give her a big hug and kiss for me and take her to McD or Sonic, that always makes me feel better. Love you mostest, mom

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