Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Gut Giggle Picture!

Recently, my sister and her family went to Disneyworld.

She posted pictures from her trip and in the mix of all her cute photos was this gem!

I get a MAJOR GUT GIGGLE every time I look at it. 

Oh my gosh!
How can you not laugh??

I've looked at this picture many times.

There are many things that I love about it,
but the thing I love most about it is Liam's optimism and effort.


It's my new goal to attack life with the same effort and attitude!!

We all have our "things".

You know.....
The "things" that you want to overcome.
The "things" that you want to figure out.
The "things" that you want to improve.

How awesome would it be to be more like my cute little nephew?

It makes me want to keep trying to conquer the world!

Thanks Liam!

This girl isn't giving up!


Britney said...

Oh this picture really is so funny!!! But now I have a new perspective from it -- thanks for that!

Melissa Jones said...

So cute that I can't even take it!!!!!

Mom said...

hahahaha, touching, funny, inspiring, all rolled into one innocent picture. LOVE IT

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